Install Theme
Gowanus Loft

Gowanus Loft is a nurturing, epic space for creatives to explore and express their ideas —
3000 square feet of sun drenched space perched atop the Gowanus Industrial Arts Complex.
This collusion with Ashton Worthington launched 28 July 2012.

Gowanus Loft, floorplan

The Loft features a large, wide open project space with modular gallery lighting,
heavy electric, multiple bathrooms, and a well-appointed kitchen/living area.
Positive, creative, productive energy is baked into every fiber of the space.

Gowanus Loft, interior view 1.Gowanus Loft, interior view 2.Gowanus Loft, interior view 3.Gowanus Loft, interior view 4.Gowanus Loft, interior view 5.Gowanus Loft, interior view 6.Gowanus Loft, interior view 7.Gowanus Loft, interior view 8.Gowanus Loft, interior view 9.Gowanus Loft, interior view 10.

GL is ideal for film & photo production; site-specific exhibition & performance; project development; rehearsal.
All Loft installations are supported by VR’s experienced and collaborative creative/production team.
Private events happen on a select basis. This space is dedicated to the expansion of creativity.

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